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09 November 2009

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haha:P anyway, 2e3ohnine had a class bbq @ pasir ris park on 051109!!!
wow!!! wat a great day for a bbq!!! raining heavily like crazy:D muahahahaha!!! met ashlea, wan yi, minhui, wei ting and xavier @ 2:15pm @ JE control station!!! then we took mr to pasir ris... then we took bus to pasir ris park... we were quite lost... haha:P FINALLY WE FOUND BBQ PIT 2!!! i still think that kah keng look like a 5 year old girl from far... haha:P then it started raining heavily!!! then we all went under the shelter...-_- haha:P WHAT A GREAT DAY FOR A BBQ!!! well, even though the food were not very professionally cooked, i still enjoyed myself... especially the waterbombs!!! haha:P play until I WAS DRIPPING WET!!! haha:P then we changed... then took a girls group photo!!! then we went to MAC to have our "supper"... then we went to the bus stop to take our bus... saw edwin... so we went home with him... then... reached home abt 11:30pm... the n next day must wake up @ 7:30pm to get ready to go school for dance practice-_-...
haha:) that's almost all that happened that wonderful wet day!!! haha:P

31 October 2009

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hey people!!!
holidays are here:D!!!
okay... anyway, the reason of this post was becase it's dead
haha:p i was quite disppointed with my results even though i improved... haha:) there's an upcoming class bbq!!!
you might be wondering how a girl like me celebrated her last day of school... well... i actually played volleyball with wei ting, minhui and ashlea!!!
wei ting fell...
i fell... and got hit by a stupid soccer ball!!! (stupid CHAI BOON HUI!!!)
anyway, after that wan yi came... ashlea and minhui left earlier... then i took minhui's volleyball home... then erm... that's all for an interesting day of PAIN!!! haha:)
anyway, i'm eagerly waiting for 13 november (release of streaming results @ 10am)!!!
sianz... performing for open house...
oh yah!!! your taggs are all replied!!! haha:)
bye bye!!!

28 August 2009

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hey people!!!
finally posted. again... TEACHERS' DAY IS ROUND THE CORNER!!!
haha:) anyway, i might not be posting for the next few weeks as exams are coming. so yah...

15 August 2009

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30 July 2009

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hey people!!!
during lunch today, spmething interesting happened!!!
chunyee sended ashlea home!!! :)
(if ashlea were to read this, i think she would kill me!!!)
that's all folks!!!

29 July 2009
7th episode of eustacia's life online!!!
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hey people!!!
welcome back!!! anyway, wow!!! so "high" about volleyball now lah!!! haha:) anyway, will be playing volleyball with my "hao peng you"!!! so dun think i'll be posting tomorrow... haha:)

that's all for today... still need "study" for tomorrow's maths test(chapter 1 & 7)!!!

28 July 2009
5th episode of eustacia's life online!!!
eustacia from URL @ 15:24

hey people!!!
wow... wat can i say... it's just boring posting... the onloy reason why i m posting is because i dun wan some ppl to keep telling me to update.. but that doesn't mean that i dun like that... it's just that it is my "inspiration"??? haha:D
gotta go now... see you all again next time!!!

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